Opening Hours, Sessions and Prices 

With approximately 150m2 of climbing and bouldering, the Climb Nosara climbing area is 8.5m-12m high and made up of 4 Walls with routes set for Beginner, Intermediate and Expert climbers.  The wall faces are equipped with the very latest American climbing holds.

*There is no minimum age for climbing and/or bouldering.  Children aged up to 13 must be supervised by an Instructor or an adult who has passed a rope competency check and have signed liability/parental consent forms.  From the age of 14, they can climb UNSupervised providing they have passed the relevant rope competency check and have signed liability/parental consent forms.

Open Sessions:

Come to the site to see the action and sign up for Climbing.  Or book your sessions by calling Steve on (506) 8319-6957.  (see the contact page)

Supervised climbing must be booked in advance to ensure Instructor availability.

We will be open every day from 10.30 to 16.30 for Day Sessions and again from 18.30 to 21.30 for Night Sessions.

Climbing Price List:

  • Night Session =  (at attached prices + $2)

Single  ADULT
10 Session ADULT
Single CHILD (-16)
10 Session CHILD (-16)


* Prices include a supervisor/instructor and all equipment.

* Note that for UNSupervised climbing, each person must pass a Rope Competency Test BEFORE approaching the Climbing Tower.

* Note that Supervised Groups may be up to 9 kids or 9 adults, at the discretion of the Supervising Instructor.

Shoes/harness/belay device/karabiner

Rope for 'leading'


Just shoes

Just harness$3
Just chalk bag$2
Just belay device & karabiner$1

Watch this space for more on After School Kids Clubs, Mums Mornings, Surfer/Non-Surfer Sessions, Yogi Sessions, Community Days, etc., etc.