Climb Nosara is OPEN!!! 

Designed by myself and Olivier von der Weid (Gecko Architecture) and built by Nova Development Group ( both companies from Nosara ), it is an amazing free-standing 12.5m high, 4-sided tower design (3.6m each side) with a roof .... in the jungle!

It is located next to the Del Mar Academy in Nosara, by the futbol 5.

 I want it to be accessible to everyone in the community, from the kids, to already established climbers, and to incoming tourists too. 

I'll be running various sessions from kids, to adults, to local community days and as it will have some cool lighting, there will be evening sessions too!

Climbing is great fun and provides both a physical and mental challenge for children, adults and groups.  Climbing helps to build confidence, with great lessons in teamwork, trust and  leadership skills. It also helps to develop core strength, balance & co-ordination, and develops muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition and flexibility!

Climbing in my controlled facility, will enable people to cope with any fear and stress, helping self-confidence, and encouraging this trust and responsibility for others.

Come and play!

Tell Your Friends ......!

About Me 

About the Climbing Tower

Hi.  I'm Steve and  not used to being in the limelight but here's a little about me!  I'm an English guy.  Decided that the fast paced rat race lifestyle was not what I wanted to pursue with my life.  Also, the cold, long English winters were starting to become too familiar!  I was working the last 10+ years in the UK as a professional tree surgeon (arborist) and even longer as a landscaper/garden designer, enjoying the creativity that the work enabled me.

I've been climbing for the last 15+ years from Thailand to more recent sport climbing crags in Europe: S.E.France, Spain, including Mallorca.

But then I loved to surf and dreamed of warm tropical waves...!  Yoga is a passion of mine too, and I was drawn inevitably to Nosara, with its rustic surfy yoga beach lifestyle charm!  It's my third year here in Nosara.  I've been living the dream.  Now, I have the opportunity to work my dream.  

I feel very fortunate and excited to be introducing rock-climbing to the area.   !

Come and check us out!!